Jonathan Townes

REVIEW — “You Are The Reason For Everything” (Neu Futur)
James McQuiston November 23, 2017

On You Are the Reason for Everything, Jonathan Townes is able to tell a tremendous story. The effort is something that listeners will have to strap a pair of headphones on to get the song’s full effect, as there are so many things going on during any second of the single that one’s full attention is needed. The different sounds, approaches, and movements that occcur over this song’s run time make for a complete and complex set of interactions. The track itself can be enjoyed on its surface, but hearing how the percussion and synths interact tells one a complete story. There is no need for vocals on You Are the Reason for Everything; Townes’ output here tells a vibrant story without the utterance of a single syllable. When Townes does begin to lay down his sultry and emotionally intense vocals, the track is able to be given a considerable jolt to its momentum that will keep fans on the edges of their seats.

The track is musically distinct from any one genre. There are nods here to traditional electronic music, ambient, industrial, and even new age and classical genres. This wholly unique composition will stand up to repeat plays as fans continue to find new notes, dynamics, and sounds that were previously obfuscated during a prior listen. We’re a big fan of how the song continues to evolve as listeners continue on; the more alternative / 1970s rock sound that dominates during the cut’s final few minutes is truly a sight to behold. Hints of progressive rock and even metal can be heard here, with fans ending this single just as strongly as they did when they first began to play You Are the Reason for Everything.