Jonathan Townes

Chris Williams March 06, 2007

With a noise sounding like there’s been errors on your computer or the aliens have finally landed Sothen then come in with a calm nickleback type song entitled “Wanna Be.” Reminding me of Dave Grohl’s foo fighter vocals, drums kick in and start off the chill rock album…

…The next song called ‘Farther’ tries to bring back the sixties with some crazy effect which then morphs into a lifehouse type guitar duo. Synths accompanied by vocals with an electric add on kick the song into gear, eventually sounding like a song that soundtracks the American teen programme “The OC.”

Sothen are quite a different band to what’s out in today’s CD shops, potential fans would be supporters of the Christian rock band ‘Lifehouse’ or even US chill rock stars ‘The Calling.’

Listening to all the tracks from Sothen’s “Lookatchurself Reggie Measuresworth” they seem to have songs that you’d put on loud, sit back with a cuppa’ and think…

…The lyrics are well thought through and the songs cleverly written. ‘The Red,’ track 8 on the album reminds me of a softer Biffy Clyro, each song has it’s own subtle differences’; Ironically they have a song called ‘Happy’ which starts with acoustic guitars with the beautiful vocals from front man Reggie Measuresworth really showing in this song yet far from a happy sound.

A song that does stand out, and shows me the true natural talent from ‘Sothen’ is track 15 — Nerve. Biffy Clyro meets effected Kings of Leon vocals — this track is a lot more upbeat than other songs on the album but only goes on for 2 minutes 32 seconds!

“Bight” ends the album with electric sounds and with what sounds like an out of tune guitar.

…if I ever need a CD I can sit back and relax to, it’ll be “Lookatchurself Reggie Measuresworth.”