Jonathan Townes

Tony Green - December 01, 1998

The Atlanta musical petri dish is responsible for Sun’s Anvil’s Glossolalia (Archive, ARCD 96100109, 68:31). It’s less twisted than WCW’s stuff but higher in slam factor. Recorded in Hotlanta between 1994 and ’96, this engagingly quirky funk-fusion draws on a lot of the same wellsprings as folks like Medeski, Martin & Wood. Organist John Medeski’s participation in the project explains part of that -his familiar clavinet/organ terrorism (on “Science Project” and the I–V workout “Skipping Sunday School”) accounts for its share of high points here.The other artists bring their own flavor and experiences on board: Sax player Rich Cohen adds his Sanborn-meets-Coleman sensibilities; guitarist Jonathan Townes brings volume swelled chordal cushions. Drummer Apt Q-258 (whom you might know from his collaborations with Shawn Lane and Jonas Hellborg) and percussionist Count M’Butu on the propulsive “Muse,” while bassist Neal Fountain takes the lead on the Miles-ish “Zygote”.