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I started giving this little nugget a makeover tonight.

(this is the demo with dross and chaff) --->

Reggae, Reggae, Reggae


What wonderful rhythms are Reggae. I'm hoping to dive deeply into the waters of these drums, and bass, and guitar, and organ. I've found the perfect vehicle . . . Actually, I wrote the song with this particular flavour in ear. Let's see how this little project turns out.


A Dream


The new song, "A Dream", is morphing into a sixties James Bond spaghetti western theme song, replete with lava lamps, transparent coloured plastic threshold hanging beads, velvet posters, black lights and go-go boots. Peace, y'all!

new song


i have begun working on a new song. you could say it sounds like jim morrison singing a leonard cohen song about a dream, wrtten as the theme song for a spaghetti western.

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Jonathan Townes to release True


Jonathan Townes is set to officially release his latest single, “True,” on April 29 . . .

Magic Notes


a person: this whole records' got them magic notes.

b person: which ones?

a person: all of them!



The TRUE pre-release party is on April 28 at Northtown Coffee, in Arcata

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